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Vasari Country Club 2024 Men’s Invitational

Welcome to your private Turtleshop for the Vasari Country Club 2024 Men's Invitational!
The code you received via email entitles you to $280 from the Turtleson event website. All items will be embroidered with the Vasari Country Club's logo.
If you are placing an order for your partner, you must place a separate order with their contact information. Please proceed to checkout and verify your code VASARI24 is in place to remove all charges.
All orders will be shipped to the club for event distribution. The address you enter at checkout is for participant verification only, it will not change the destination of your order.
Please submit your order by Sunday, April 14th.

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April, 11, 2024


If you have any questions, please contact us at customercare@turtleson.com