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- General Garment Care Considerations - 

Utilizing the finest materials sourced from around the world, Turtleson garments are proud to be high quality AND high style. We design and build garments and goods to last for many seasons if not for a lifetime. Fine materials often require special handling, and even classic materials will benefit from attention to detail during the garment care process.

This information is not meant to act as instructions or substitute good common sense and personal research as relates to your garments care. Always consider garment care instructions that are provided on its tag or that were supplied with the garment when purchased. We provide this resource only as a reminder of possible procedures and considerations. Our deepest desire is that your Turtleson garments and gear provide you years of absolute enjoyment.

100% Cotton Garments
Our 100% cotton garments are built to provide the utmost in comfort and quality. Like most cotton garments, woven or knitted, you may machine-wash these at home in cold water on a gentle setting. Dry them at a low heat to prevent shrinkage. Hang wovens or lay sweaters flat immediately after the drying cycle for best wrinkle free result. Iron on low heat and apply steam when necessary.

100% Wool Garments
Our wool garments are constructed from the finest natural fibers and must be washed with proper care and handling. Machine washing wool can result in garment shrinkage, deterioration, or warping. With any of our 100% Wool garments we suggest dry cleaning or hand washing as cleaning process to preserve the longevity as well as the quality of the garment. Should you like to hand wash your wool garment, please use cold water and lay out flat to dry. Please do not wring out, squeeze or rub these garments to protect the longevity of this garment’s life.

Polyester & Polyester Blends
Turtleson Polyester garments offer the fit you love with the performance qualities you need. Luckily, Polyester is easy-care and can be cleaned at home using warm water and tumble dried with a low heat setting. If ironing is required of your polyester garment please do so on low heat.

Linen & Linen Blends
Our linen garments are meticulously crafted for long-lasting quality even after days in the sun. We strongly recommend that you have all your linen professionally cleaned to protect the integrity of this delicate fabric. When ironing your linen garment use a low heat setting. For more stubborn wrinkles apply steam or mist with water or fabric sizing for a crisp, clean finish.

Leather & Suede
Not unlike most leather garments, ours require professional cleaning. Should your leather or suede garment become wet please allow it to dry at room temperature. Store your leather or suede item in a cool, dry place on a padded hanger to maintain it’s shape. If you choose to cover your leather garment please do so with a cotton cloth as a plastic bag can dry out the material. Please avoid long term, direct sunlight exposure to your garment to protect it’s color and hand-feel. Should you find a stain on your leather garment, please blot the stain gently with a clean cloth. If the stain persists we recommend dry cleaning.

Shearling Lining
As with our leather goods we highly recommend professionally cleaning your Shearling products. If you need to spot clean stains please use a clean, damp cloth and a gentle clothing brush. We recommend storing your shearling garments in a cool, dry place along with your other leather goods.